Life isn't always easy but my God look at the times where it was and you'll see why it's all worth it.


Your picture is still on
the wall and your laugh
is echoing in the hallways
and your smile is still being
used as my nightlight and your
broken promises are what have
kept me trapped in this prison.

Prisoner. (via dollpoetry)

Maybe if I bite my lips
hard enough they can
bleed away the old skin
that once had your name
dance across them.

I don’t want your name on my lips. (via dollpoetry)

I wanted every dosage
of you but I should have
realized that too much
medicine can stop your
heart from beating.

Overdose.  (via dollpoetry)

I miss you and I do not miss you
I love you and I hate you
I am sad and I am happy
I laugh and I cry
and no matter
what has happened
throughout my day
I always find myself
lying in bed with
tangled sheets and
my thoughts consumed
of you you you.

Contradictions  (via dollpoetry)

You burned everything we had
and you are using the ashes to
light up your fire and I am over
here choking on the smoke.

Smoke. (via dollpoetry)

You just forgot about me.
In that moment you took
every page of our story
and ripped them out of
your book and my blood had
bled to write those pages
and you did not even think
twice and now all of the pages
that I had written in your book
are gone and my blood has run

You ripped my pages out.  (via dollpoetry)

But if I counted every time
I laughed and every time I
smiled even if it was forced
it all adds up to clusters of stars
in the sky and maybe some days
we all have meteors that are
destroying our mind and there
are black holes where we keep
things we should let go of but
days like this when I feel alive
and every star is glistening in
my skin these are the days when
I remember why I want to continue
to live in this world and let my stars
brighten the small galaxy in someones
eyes even if it is only one person.

It all adds up.  (via dollpoetry)

It’s funny, how when you are in a relationship with someone, your mind absently notices them in everything and everywhere. Their eye color in your morning coffee, a shirt you think they would like, their name on a building, billboard, or a company with their name, when you are somewhere and see their favorite breed of a dog or cat, their favorite color, their birthday, their favorite food, a song they love, someone with their same name, anything. And when you lose this certain person, you finally notice how much they consumed your thoughts, and it haunts you. It haunts you when you first wake up, when you are out somewhere, when you are taking a shower, when you are walking, when you are driving, even in your dreams and nightmares, you still notice this person, and see them in everything and everywhere. It haunts you, it haunts you, it haunts you.

And I am still haunted by you.  (via dollpoetry)

Feeling numb. It is a feeling I constantly struggle with. I lose interest in everything, including myself, and it frightens me. And I know I did this a lot to you. I would love you too much one day, and the next day I would lose myself and lose what I felt for you. At moonlight my feelings poured a storm, while at morning light my feelings were desert sand. I am never steady like the pavement we place our feet on, I fluctuate like the ocean we get lost in.

And god, I am so sorry for being such an abstract painting, a bitter cup of coffee, a dim star lost in a galaxy of thoughts. I wish I didn’t get lost in my own mind like a tourist in a city, a maze of opposite roads, cracked buildings, and old memories. I wish I could just wake up from the person I am, the person that haunts me. I just hope one day, someone will be able to swim in my veins, rather than drown in my mind. I hope someone won’t lose interest in me, the way I lose interest in myself.

Abstract. (via dollpoetry)

My greatest problem is, I will always look at you with love in my eyes, and you will always glance at me with uncertainty in your eyes.

Do you see my problem?  (via dollpoetry)